ASDA Abbey Lane

A brownfield redevelopment of a prominent site in Leicester for a 35,000ft2 retail store, associated PFS and public realm.

The design responded to both the client's brief for an economical structure with fast track procurement and construction, and the Local Authorities aspirations for a building which responded to the architecture of the adjacent technology and innovation centre; a focal point to the entrance of the Science and technology Business Park, but with its own identity and quality palette of materials.

By combining standard composite structural cladding panels and an efficient structural frame as the main/box, with enhanced structural features such as the canopy and entrance features addressing the public realm, and sympathetic use of timber cladding and bespoke rain screen panels; the design met the opposing elements of the brief.

HGP’s involvement included the redesign of the Developer led planning scheme by way of significant negotiations with the Local Authority resulting in a successful S73 application, through to detail design under appointments from both the Client and Design & Build Contractor.

ASDA Abbey Lane
ASDA Abbey LaneASDA Abbey LaneASDA Abbey LaneASDA Abbey LaneASDA Abbey LaneASDA Abbey LaneASDA Abbey LaneASDA Abbey Lane