High flying flagship facility

Vanguard Self Storage

Efficient and dramatic, the 1,500m2 of high-quality self-storage has become Vanguard’s Flagship facility, delivering a unique experience to their customer, setting them apart from their competitors.


‘Thinking outside the box’, our scheme deliberately manipulated the warehouse ‘box’ typology prevalent along the North Circular to create a dramatic and memorable addition to the street scene.

Angular forms cleverly dissect the overall mass and generate two facades, oriented to amplify visibility and address both directions of the North Circular. A difficult site in terms of linear depth and access to and from the arterial route, the form was carefully considered to provide safe pedestrian, user vehicle and delivery access by creating a tunnel directly through the centre of the building, thereby also maximising possible building footprint.

The proposal delivers 1,500m2 of storage across 4 floors, provision for 40,000 document storage boxes across 2 floors, reception, 4 loading bays and not to mention the World War II Hawker Hunter elegantly and prominently displayed to catch the eye in both directions along the North Circular and enchant those using the premise.

Due to a low occupancy rate, the building’s PV array is ample to ensure a self-sufficient electricity supply and high-quality materials such as the shuttered concrete SIPS panels rarely seen on more traditional storage companies, has helped to achieve the sustainability mark of BREEAM Excellent.