Sidmouth Street, London (High-rise)

The development consisting of 52 new dwellings over four & five storeys is set within the Bloomsbury conservation area, walking distance from Kings Cross and St Pancras stations. The development's composition enhances the environment it is set within by virtue of the scheme's design, which provides a modern building that makes a positive impact on the built environment of the conservation area through the use of a simple palette of vernacular materials.

Its frontage onto both Sidmouth Street and the Mews is strong, without being overly dominant. The ‘rear’ of the development overlooks both the private and communal gardens, which visually integrates with St George’s Gardens and the elegant Regent Square by providing a neutral and refined background formed mainly in brick.

A simple palette of high quality materials combined with contemporary details and features give the scheme an uncluttered look that sympathetically blends with the environment rather than making a bold statement, while at the same time being clearly identifiable as a contemporary building.

Sidmouth Street, London
Sidmouth Street, LondonSidmouth Street, LondonSidmouth Street, LondonSidmouth Street, London