East Road, London (High-rise)

The development at 120-132 East Road is a vibrant and contemporary scheme, comprised of 70 mixed tenure dwellings split between two apartment blocks displaying good urban design. The 9 storey building reinforces the busy street, and utilises a massing which is suitable to its immediate context within the urban site.

The ground floor almost entirely consists of glazing, ensuring activity (together with the benefits associated with natural surveillance and safety) to the lower levels and street.  A vibrant mix of materials has been combined on the primary façade to add interest that compliments neighbouring properties rather than trying to mimic them.

The main façade onto East Road makes use of a number of different layers, utilised to form a varied and interesting façade. Aluminium sliding screens are used, that look to moderate solar gain and increase privacy from this busy street and allow the façade to constantly change appearance both day and night.


East Road
East RoadEast Road, LondonEast Road, LondonEast RoadEast RoadEast RoadEast RoadEast RoadEast Road