About Us

We believe context is all important. It’s not just about how people live with a building, it’s how that building lives in its environment. From iconic landmarks to the conservation of buildings that have seen centuries of living, it’s what makes our approach different. 

For five decades, HGP Architects has helped shape the built-landscape in the South of England with architecture as inspired as it is hard working. 

When you bring us your project, we see the big picture. We hold in our vision your goals and the needs of your end users.


HGP Architects has a reputation built on five decades of inspired building design for clients across diverse sectors. 

Established in 1968 on the South Coast, the success of our earliest projects in banking and office development led to rapid diversification into Marinas, Residential and other sectors. 

The work of the HGP team has attracted industry recognition in recent years with awards that include The Times Conservation Award and RICS Project of the Year Award. The iconic Spinnaker Tower, designed by HGP, has rated among the nation’s top five buildings people are most proud of.