Employee Spotlight – David Price

By Vivienne Conway

Architectural Technologist, David Price, arrived at his architectural career via a more circuitous route than most. Having worked on construction sites prior to his studies and then joining HGP, David’s interest in understanding how a building is put together against the usual flow of information, from site to drawing board, means his projects benefit from a wealth of on-the-job knowledge and experience that he is able to translate into drawing packages. He is most proud of his involvement with developing the technical drawings for the Sovereign Group House Types we designed, which was shortlisted for a notable industry award, but still finds his other projects of note Stoneham and Arborfield, equally interesting to work on.

Read on to know more about David.

Your project, Sovereign Group House Types, was selected as a finalist in the South East Constructing Excellence Awards. Tell us a bit about the project and what you think has made it successful?

My colleagues and I were tasked with producing full drawing packages for the new Sovereign House Type range. The houses needed to be robust and future proofed for changes in the building regulation requirements. Flexibility for the types of construction was also a key requirement; all house types have been designed for masonry and timber frame construction. Working closely with the client from start to finish was a big part of this project’s success. Involving third party suppliers at an early stage allowed us to identify and discuss areas of concern and iron out the challenges. It was a joy to work with the Sovereign team on this project.

What would you say is  your most memorable career lesson you’ve learned while at HGP?

Investing time and energy into developing a strong bond with your team is worth its weight in gold.

What 3 words would best describe your time at HGP while working on this project?

Productivity, Pride, Team

What made you decide to enter an architectural career?

I entered an architectural career in a unique way. I was working as a scaffolder on large construction sites across the country and became interested in the technical drawings pinned up in many of the site offices I visited. I explored courses providing training in how to drawn them and enrolled myself on an evening course to learn more. I got the bug for technical drawings and decided a career in architecture is what I wanted to do, and here I am.

What is it you like most about a career in Architecture?

There is always something to learn, it’s an ever evolving industry which keeps it interesting.

If you weren’t working in Architecture, what would you be doing?

I would be improving my woodwork skills and learning to make furniture.

Do you read or engage with any architectural media that you feel helps drive your interest and would recommend to colleagues?

My favourite place to get my architecture fix is Dezeen.

When you’re not at work, what is your favourite thing to pass time away?

I enjoy DIY projects, gaming, painting and spending time with my family.

And finally, what has been your greatest accomplishment whilst working at HGP?

My greatest accomplishment is yet to come, watch this space….