Employee Spotlight – Bartek Fleszar

By Vivienne Conway

Bartek is a stalwart member of our commercial and retail teams. His easy-going nature builds long lasting relationships with clients and colleagues alike. We know he is valued by our Clients for the confident, calm way he manages projects and deals with the complexities of construction which genuinely contributes to the success of the projects he works on.

As well as celebrating his 15th year working at HGP, Bartek’s most recent project success saw him attending the opening event of Vanguard Self Storage’s new facility in Staples Corner, London.

Read on for more about Bartek’s experience on the project and his time at HGP.

The opening of Vanguard must be a memorable one for you. Can you tell us what of the project experience will stay with you most.

The concept of hanging a plane in the display area was unlike anything I have worked on previously. The fact we made this a reality was incredible to see. It’s definitely something that will stay with me and an experience I would love to apply to another project in the future. It’s where construction meets flair.

It must be satisfying to see the project complete and in use. What has been the most challenging aspect, overcome on the project and what has been its greatest success?

Most challenging was the coordination of finishes to front of the building. We spent a lot of time on the timber effect concrete panelling, looking at different finishes and reviewing samples to get the Client’s desired results.

I think the greatest success is how the Client and the Design Team worked very closely together consistently from tender, through construction and until completion. This collaborative way of working really helped secure the success of the project.

What 3 words would best describe your time working on Vanguard?


Alongside this recent celebration, you also recently celebrated your 15th anniversary of working at HGP, a significant milestone. What did that mean to you?

HGP has been a huge part of my life for some time now. In that time, I have celebrated many milestones in my life including having my children and HGP is cemented in that history. The Company is like extended family for me.

We have had a few long service milestones recently at HGP. Why have you stayed so long and why do you think so many others have made their career home at HGP?

I love the projects that I get to work on which keep me engaged. I think like me, its’s about really enjoying the working environment at HGP and being able to also call colleagues, friends. It has a real family quality.

What do you like most about working at HGP?

The friendship and our office environment.

​What has been your greatest accomplishment whilst working at HGP?

Building solid and trusting relationships with Clients, especially Primark. The longevity of our relationship is testament to the work we do, it’s a relationship rather than a transaction and I know that I am a part of that.

Over 15 years, your career would have seen numerous challenges and triumphs but what has been your most memorable moment?

Delivery of a unique project like Vanguard. I hope to do more of this in the future.

​Have you always wanted to work in Architecture and if you weren’t working in Architecture, what would you be doing?

During my school years I always knew I would end up working in a construction based trade. This was enforced by seeing my dad go about his career and it definitely inspired me. I’m sure if you asked my Technical Drawing secondary school teacher there were some questionable days if this was ever going to be the case! I didn’t really have my eye on anything else if I’m honest, I just really enjoy and appreciate all aspects of Architecture.

​Do you have any lessons learned or advice gleaned from colleagues while working at HGP, that you can pass on to other colleagues or prospective candidates?

Just that if Architecture is something you want to do, HGP is definitely the right place to help you accomplish career goals.

When you’re not at work, what is your favourite thing to pass time away?

I’m a real family person, so doing anything together with my family and making memories for my children’s future is very important to me. We love nothing more than getting to the beach and spending the day building!